Alexander Wang S/S15 Sneaker Bag

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alexander_wang_ss15-sneaker-bag1While not exactly new (it has been out for at least a month now), I’ve been taking my time trying to understand the need for such a bag for some time. No, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but the truth is, I don’t hate it either. I guess the word I’m thinking of is ambivalence, which is honestly worse.

Yes, I’m talking about Alexander Wang’s new Sneaker Bag, which is exactly what the name suggests, a bag that looks like a sneaker. In fact, it looks like the back halves of two sneakers fused in the front, resulting in a base that well, looks like a pair of Siamese-twin-sneakers.

alexander_wang_ss15-sneaker-bag2Available in at least 3 different styles, there’s a top handle shoe bag-shaped bag, there’s a messenger with a sling (that also can be used as a clutch, albeit a bulbous one) and a flat top zip clutch, which is pretty much a standard offering now with most fashion/luxury houses.

Where it gets even more interesting is the colour combinations they come in, with my favourite being the one that comes in the green/white, which is very Adidas’ Stan Smith. And then there are the ones that come in either blue/black or grey/yellow that are quite Nike-esque, if you ask me.

And if you’re asking me if I think they are destined to be classics one can use forever, the answer is no. But if you are looking for something fun that’s also a guaranteed conversation starter, then this is the bag for you. Now available at Alexander Wang’s boutique in Hilton Shopping Gallery, you can also head online to Alexander Wang for a quick look on what’s what.

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2015 Spring Louis Vuitton Trailblazer Sneaker Boots First View

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Early the time, we are busy to take a view of 2015 Spring Summer Louis Vuitton new handbags and see the fashion week show. However, other Louis Vuitton accessories also worth to take a look and add to your wardrobe. Now, two colors Louis Vuitton Trailblazer Sneaker Boots share below to take a full look for its Spring 2015 Collection.

1 2015 Spring Louis Vuitton Trailblazer Sneaker Boots First View  1

Those new high-top sneaker from Louis Vuitton features mesh, calf leather and perforated nubuck throughout the upper. It is also a great choice wear in Winter season. As the pics show, we knew the new Louis Vuitton silhouette has taken elements from the popular Air Jordan 4 shoes, sporting Louis Vuitton Damier pattern and the leather strap across the front. Both pair new Louis Vuitton sneaker boots available sale on Louis Vuitton boutique for $995 USD retail price.

Take a view and tell us what you think about those two pair sneakers and stay tuned toCheap LV Bags find more newest lv bags to match them.

1 Air-Jordan-Spizike-Nike-Air-Yeezy-Kanye-West-Damie 2

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Alexander Wang’s Sneaker Bags Seem to Have Found Their Audience

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Alexander Wang Sneaker Bags

Today in Things I Didn’t Expect: Alexander Wang offered a very limited pre-order of his very literal, sneaker-inspired Spring 2015 runway bags on his website yesterday, and the three bags, all priced in the mid-$1,000 range, were sold out and completely gone from the site within a matter of hours. As we mentioned earlier today, the fashion community’s thirst for novelty pieces seems almost insatiable right now.

The bags, which appeared on Wang’s Spring 2015 runway two weeks ago in New York, were a limited edition sneak peek of the full collection. When we first wrote about the bags, you guys didn’t seem too impressed, and I’d wager a guess that your views are unchanged now that you know they’re at the top end of the brand’s normal price range.

I’d give you more information on exact prices and model names, but save for this one photo I managed to capture, the bags have been scrubbed from the site after their apparent sell-through. The rest of the sneaker-bag-hungry masses will have to wait until the collection because available early next year.

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2014 Louis Vuitton Slipstream Sneaker Boot Cheap Sale

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As we all know, Louis Vuitton brand famous in its luxury and fashionable handbags, but after more than a century development, Louis Vuitton has been set foot in all items in the fashion field which include watch, accessories, outfit, shoes, scarves and so on. And here, we will introduce you new Louis Vuitton Slipstream Sneaker boot 2014.

Usually, designer sneakers always in a minimalist design which match with monochrome in order to perfect with suit, or a simple T-shirt and jeans combo. But 2014 new LV Slipstream sneaker boots goes in an entirely different direction, going for more of a retro performance look and feel.

As pictures show, Louis Vuitton slipstream sports suede calf leather and technical nylon, along with a number of street-inspired details like a padded togue and nylon grosgrain ankle straps fitted with an engraved LV buckle. At our site also available many of lv bags 2014 and other accessories for sale for cheap price, free shipping! 




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