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Breaking News: We have just learned that Chanel increased their prices in the United Kingdom.  We were able to verify the increase to be approximately 10% for the classic styles.

What does this mean for the rest of us? Are we in line to expect an increase too or was this an effort to further globalize pricing?
 The new pricing scheme was implemented to normalize pricing globally to account for currency fluctuations and the grey markets.
(read: Global Price Implications on Chanel Street)

UK prices, along with those in the US, were NOT adjusted at that time.
Taking a close look at the new UK prices, they’re very much in line with those here in the US.
A quick prelude to premise my weekend Chanel indulgence: If you follow @pursebop on instagram, you know that I have been toying with several of the BOYS from the Chanel Cruise 2016 collection. It all started in Dubai a couple of weeks ago when I saw the iridescent hardware collection for the first time in person, and I absolutely fell in LOVE. The iridescent hardware is crafted through a 7-step process and results in the chameleon effect of a high quality opal. Even though I was sold on the hardware, honestly, I was paralyzed when it came to commit to a color.
After some browsing in Dubai, I put both of the iridescent boy bags on hold at Chanel.This beauty had me at HELLO!
I finally reacquainted with my full handbag collection at home after a nearly two month separation. After assessing my whole Chanel crew, a few pertinent realizations came to the forefront of my decision making.

I prefer smaller sized boys for ease in travel (bag nesting) and evenings out. This copper beauty was definitely an “occasions baggie”, so small would be ideal. This copper boy was only available in medium here in the US.
It was the same beautiful coppery/rose gold shade as my mini brilliant Delvaux. I have no aversion to duplicating colors in my collection. However, quite honestly  this rose gold color is difficult to integrate into my wardrobe. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that adding another handbag in the same color may not serve to be the wisest decision.
Delightfully, I discovered there was another option available. This color option came in my desired small size as well.  My diligent Chanel SA was going to transfer one in for me to see in person.

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