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Celine just recently released its wide-ranging luggage tote look book and we are going crazy just taking a look at it. One particular bag stole our hearts and our attention goes to the Celine Luggage Bag in Felt.

As we all know, the brand is all about the modern approach on femininity and the Celine Micro Luggage Tote in Multicolor Felt and Leather lived up to it. The hype is still on that’s why we’re featuring this particular bag from Celine’s Fall/Winter 2016 Collection.

An iconic and one of the holy grail bags from Celine, this Luggage Bag in Felt will definitely be the talk of the town. With its structured ensemble and multi-color effect, this bag is a 100% win-win for women who are looking for a sizable bag without compromising style and comfort.

Featuring 2 soft handles for shoulder carrying, a pocket in front that not only added a sense of fashion to it but also is practical and convenient all at the same time.

Celine Micro Luggage Bag is priced $2550 USD, €1800 euro, £1600 GBP, $20000 HKD, $3300 SGD, ¥280.000 JPY

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Your next trip is within reach with the new ‘Go Fly a Kite Luggage Satchel’ from Kate Spade. Proudly display your wanderlust in your choice of cherry liqueur red or sunshine yellow.

The chic bag is a modern take on vintage luggage, but looks very now. It’s made of glazed fabric with leather trim and real 14 karat gold plated hardware.





The unique design of the crossbody bag is a practical yet fashionable way to stay hands free this spring. Built to look like an old fashioned suitcase, but at a fraction of the size, you can choose from the larger 7.2”h x 9.2”w option or the smaller 3.7”h x 5.9”w if you’re a lighter packer. The larger bag is €505 and the smaller bag is €370 from Kate Spade UK. One benefit to the small one is that it comes in both sunshine and cherry liqueur, while the large bag is only available in red at the moment.



Can’t decide which big-ticket item to indulge in? How about a wallet of the same design to hold all your tickets and the cash you’ll save? The ‘Go Fly a Kite Luggage Lacey’ wallet is for you. At just €250, with your option of color, it’s an obvious choice. It’s made of high quality crosshatched leather and proudly displays a Kate Spade logo metal plate on the front. It features 12 slots for your credit cards, a change pocket, and exterior pocket. Sure to become a staple in your closet, it looks great matched with the accompanying satchel, on it’s own for a night out clutch, or with any of your other bags. Bring it with you on vacation for a cheeky statement.

After Chanel’s recent runway that was set in a mock airport, the concepts of traveling and fashion are very in synch this season. Stay on top of it with these looks and feel stylish and sky-high.

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Celine Mini Luggage and Celine Micro Luggage replica bag review

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I absolutely adore the Celine Micro Luggage, it came out of nowhere and it rocked the world of fashion. It has everything you might ask from a handbag, it looks great, it has high quality materials and it is enough roomie to carry all your stuff. My best friend, Jane, asked me to buy one of these amazing purses online. So I decided to achieve two of them, one mini for me and one micro for her. The price of the original bags is ~$3000 so we chose the replicas this time too.

celine micro luggage bag

I contacted my friends from pursevalley and they assured me that these bags are more than beautiful so I placed the order online. In two weeks I received them home and I was very excited to see that they indeed look wonderful. The only difference between them is the dimension the Celine Mini Luggage Bag is: 12” x 12” x 7” (H x W x D) and the Celine Micro Luggage Bag is: 10” x 10” x 6” (H x W x D). But trust me there is enough room in both of them for all the daily stuff; perfect for office and making us look very fun and trendy for the weekends.

celine micro luggage bag rihanna

The leather is sturdy and the Celine Micro Luggage replica bag is able to stand on its own, the stitching are impeccable there are no missing spaces there. The bags have beautiful colors and you can really feel the high quality of the leather when wearing them. They are very easy to wear, with two handles attached and the long strap, in case you need it. The bags have two zipper pockets, a bigger one inside the bag and a smaller one on the front part and they are secured with a large zipper that holds everything inside the bags. The inside of the purse is also made of leather, the same color like the outside. This is not a very common thing but I have to admit I like it.

celine mini luggage bag

I have to say that this Celine Mini Luggage replica bag is one of the best choices I ever made when it comes to replica handbags. There is no way anybody can tell the difference between these two beautiful replica bags and the genuine ones. They are perfectly replicated and once again my friends from pursevalley did not disappoint me.

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What Makes A Celine Luggage Replica Perfect?

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As I already told you in my guide on how to spot a fake Celine Luggage Tote, these bags are so popular that they’re practically everywhere, but that doesn’t mean that finding a great Celine Luggage replica is easy. On the contrary, you have to be even more careful.

Bagaholicsonlinebags.com Review

And just like this Bagaholicsonlinebags.com review points out, it’s not perfection you should be looking for in a bag, but good quality overall.

So if you want to join the Celine Mini Luggage club yourself, take a look here:

Hi Eva,

Finally, my Celine mini luggage w black smooth leather came this Friday. I couldn’t be happier about the bag when I opened the package. For me, this Celine bag is good enough as a replica. Although, I noticed that some detail is not perfect (you can see from the pic that the leather looks not very even and smooth at the top zip place). I do have a lot real designer bags, and even the real ones, sometimes will have issues. Overall, I’m satisfied with this purchase, and I couldn’t make this purchase without your help.
Thanks again^^

Here are some pics of my bag

Celine Luggage Replica Front View

Celine Luggage Replica Front View

Celine Luggage Replica Back View

Celine Luggage Replica Back View

Celine Luggage Replica Side View

Celine Luggage Replica Side View

Celine Luggage Replica Bottom View

Celine Luggage Replica Bottom View

Celine Luggage Replica Front Pocket

Celine Luggage Replica Front Pocket

Celine Luggage Replica Top Zipper

Celine Luggage Replica Top Zipper

Celine Luggage Replica Date Code

Celine Luggage Replica Date Code

Celine Luggage Replica Stamp

Celine Luggage Replica Stamp

It’s true that the leather should show signs of wear only after it’s been worn for a while, but you need to know that this happens with smooth leather much earlier than with pebbled leather. The only big difference between this fake Celine Mini Luggage and a perfect Celine is the front pocket stitching: the corners should be a bit rounded at the bottom edges. But overall, this bag is obviously of very good quality, from the leather to the stitching and logo stamp.

You’re absolutely right, it’s not uncommon for authentic designer bags to have flaws either, so in the end what matters the most is that you’re happy with your bag. Thank you for your objective Bagaholicsonlinebags.com review!

What do you girls say, does a Celine Luggage replica have to be perfect for you to love it?

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Celine Luggage Summer 2014 Prices

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Follow Leonardo da Vinci: ‘Life without love, is no life’. So true, but here is mine: Wardrobe without the Celine Luggage, is no wardrobe.

The purpose of this blog post is not to spam you with the every detail on the Celine Luggage Tote. Probably one of your friends already has one and a single look at her luggage tote will make her brag all about it.

The Celine Luggage for Summer 2014 Collection looks very bright; in Palmelato Sunflower (yellow) and Palmelato (green) – put it on a small table next to your bed with its face pointing at yours, you’re going to sleep very well tonight.

For those who are graduated from the major ‘color therapy’, Celine hasn’t forgotten about you. The Celine Luggage Tote in Multicolor Sunflower has red ears, yellow face, blue eyes and mouth. You and I should change the fashion university, instead of handing out diploma papers, we should give each graduate their very own Celine Luggage Tote in Multicolor. And we will be honored for boosting the motivation level of every student.

But enough trash talk, let’s have a conversation about prices. These new Celine Luggage Totes are made from smooth calfskin. Celine Luggage totes in single color is €2.200 and the totes in multicolor is retailing for €2.100. Don’t forget to apply for your 12% tax-refund. Like us on Facebook.



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Longchamp Le Pliage Luggage

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Dive into this article to know how extended the famous ‘Le Pliage’ collection actually is. From totes to shoulders and if you are a fan, even in suitcases.

Le Pliage is unique because it’s crafted from ultra light nylon canvas, the design is stylish and strong at the same time. The tote version is available in all-kind-of sizes and colors, there is certainly one that you will love. And if not, customize one, Longchamp has introduced a new site for everyone to have their Le Pliage bag personalized.

The lighter the luggage, the more you are allowed to take in the airplane. The design is not screaming for attention either, unlike the Louis Vuitton version, which will avoid from people trying to steal your belongings.

The interior is well-designed, an enormous space is at your disposal with two-side zip pocket on the top. Measuring 14 ¼ x 21 ¾ x 9 ½ inches, one is all that you need. Available in four colors; black, chocolate-brown, clay and Fuchsia for the most fashionable look. You can also have your own Le Pliage luggage customized. 

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