Hermès Verrou Chaîne Mini

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There’s probably a very whimsical story behind the bolt-shaped clasp that’s more often than not seen on cupboards and doors, and it’s also the first time I’ve seen this humble latch mechanism being upgraded into becoming a luxury leather bag’s clasp. But because I don’t know the exact story behind it, let’s just focus on how adorable it looks on Hermès’ Verrou Chaîne Mini, a tiny little number crafted out of Mysore goatskin leather that measures just 17.7 cm across by 14 cm in height.

Finished off with the slinkiest of metal slings, this is one bag you use for that glitzy night out on the town, with your personals safely ‘locked’ away within. Priced at GBP4860 (or almost SGD8500 after conversion), one would think it would come with a digital keypad instead, requiring your pin number to unlock (or lock) the bag. But it wouldn’t be as sexy, right?

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Hermes Knockoff Bag Will Brighten Up Any Day Inspiration Straight From Milan Fashion Week

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Looking for your next Hermes knockoff bag? Look no more because I have the perfect suggestion for you. The Hermes Picotin most colorful bags are here for us to have.
A Picotin Hermesknock off bag can brighten up the winter days and give a plain outfit a new look. I think it definitely has the ability to improve your state and of those around you. Just think about seeing a bold color added to a gray outfit. It makes you think about sunnier days and warmer seasons. During the cold season, more and more people choose to wear dark colors or more neutral ones. I strongly suggest adding colors to our outfits more often, especially during autumn and winter. And the perfect way to do that is with a Picotin Hermes knock off bag.
Its popularity doesn’t rise to the level of the Birkin or the Kelly bag, but it should. They are different styles for sure. What I like about the Picotin bag is that it looks so casual and different. It has a peculiar shape for a handbag, but it keeps that simplicity specific to a Hermes bag. Its shape is inspired by the equestrian world and it references a horse’s feedbag.
It has two straps that allows you to hold it on your arm and has a leather tab closure. You can put your stuff in it and then you’re good to go. It’s available in four sizes: PM, MM, GM and TGM. No matter of its size, it really is a spacious bag. The bucket shape allows you to carry plenty of personal items. Even though it doesn’t have interior lining, a replica Hermes bag is still very resistant. The leather used for a good replica handbag is just as good as the one used for an original. And it’s an already known fact that they last for quite a while.
And if we talk about a fake Hermes bag, we now certainly know where to get our inspiration. To be honest, I’ve never seen so many beautiful and exotic handbags in one place as I’ve seen in this Milan Fashion Week. Seeing this show makes you dream about your best fake Birkin bag.
As you probably have guessed, I was mesmerized by all the handbags and to see all the creativity the designers are capable of.
It’s not that I’m not used to being impressed by shows like this one, but I feel like every single season it gets better and better. And it’s not only about what we see on the runway, there’s a lot of creativity behind every show and everyone expects greatness every time.
But actually the most impressive thing is the unpredictability of celebrities attending these stunning events. When it comes to picking the right fake Hermes bag for a certain outfit, my advice is to take a close look at the pictures from this year’s Milan Fashion Week.
You’re getting it from the best people who can ever show you how fashion should actually look like. And yes, we should consider ourselves truly lucky since we can see all the outfits and all the things happening at these events within minutes or hours from the moment of beginning. Yes, internet is our friend and we can find all we need out there. No one can deny that.
The best example in my opinion is this picture of Roberta Giarrusso toting a classic and beautiful Hermes Birkin while looking just astonishing and ready to take over the world. Well, owning this kind of fake Hermes bag is certainly one of the best thing that can ever happen, don’t you think? And if you come to think about it, they are not expensive at all. Let’s take a look at the latest additions from one of my favorite replica websites.
Every woman must own at least one Hermes Birkin bag, no matter the color or the size. You can wear them to work, to a fancy party, or as Roberta Gia…. Tote it to a high fashion event. Of course, in real life, one can’t afford one bag, let alone more…and this is why I am recommending replica bags. They are made of the same materials as the authentic model but the cost is affordable. They also come with all the little extras that we care so much about…care booklet, tags, serial number…so no one with be able to tell you are wearing a fake Hermes bag. What’s not to like about them?Fake Hermes Bag Inspiration Straight From Milan Fashion Week

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You’ve probably already read our oh-so-famous article: ‘Hermes Classic Bag Collection’. Oh, if you haven’t, then we recommend you to read it as we have invested a lot of sweat and tears putting it together.

Apart from what’s already classic and iconic, let us talk about something different than the Hermes Kelly and Birkin Totes. Let’s talk about, uh, the bags that are under the radar. Presenting the Hermes Passe-Passe Bag.

Now, I love French language but I suck at it. I am so bad in French that if my high school teacher didn’t have a good temper, she would probably have broken her desk in two pieces. So I went for a search on Google translation, I wanted to know what ‘Passe-Passe’ means. And it says: ‘Sleight’. Now allow me to explain the function of this accessory.

You see, just like the Hermes Pliplat Bag, this tote has two forms. It’s an innocent small tote bag and when it’s in black, it looks quite classic. The handles are long, you can carry it by hand or simply sling it on your shoulder. Nice right?

It’s also a bit deceiving, because the Hermes Passe-Passe Bag, when it’s folded, it looks like it has limited space. But surprising enough, when you unfold it, this bag changes into a, what should I call it? A shopping tote. It’s now enormous, now let’s see who is neverful (you know what I mean)?

It’s made from toile Goeran and Vaud-Barenia, if you do not what this is, please go to our Hermes Leather Guide. The front is beautified with a small tag that reads: ‘Hermes Paris’. Now let’s dive into the details:

Hermes Passe-Passe Bag
Size: 21 x 35 x 17 (H x B x D) in cm

Available at Hermes boutique.








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Because the Hermes Grooming Bag is not as popular as the Kelly or the Birkin Bag, you might have never heard about it. But its okay, we’re going to cover all the details here.

In French they call it the Hermes Sac De Pansage Bag – the Grooming Bag is basically the Hermes version of the Bucket Bag. It has got the traditional look featuring a basic adjustable shoulder strap made form cowhide and cotton. It’s linked to a large eyelet.

The bag is covered in Chevron Canvas with Herringbone pattern and refined with iconic Hermes Sellier Print. And surprise! The inside basket can be removed if you think that’s more convenient.

The interior has enough space to store every daily essential you need, you can bet on that. And if the model images are boring you, think again. It does look cool when you put the right outfit on. Here are some fashionista’s carrying this beauty down town.

Style code H060751CAAD,





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Hermes Bag

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 12Super Bowl season seems to be the time of year the Hermes God’s grant PurseBop with a touchdown, this year was no different.  Even though I have not completed the narrative story about how these new players were drafted to my Hermes squad, I am revealing them here in this pre-game press.

The members of Pursebop’s Super Bowl squad met up last night for dinner to wish the newest members of the team luck in the big game tonight. Introducing Miss Caroline Jypsiere in Blue Paon and Miss MVP Birkin in Plomb.
Don’t fret, I am going to share every last detail about the homecoming of our newest FSH members! I will continue where I left off in the narratives from Hermès Faubourg Saint- Honoré tomorrow.
As handbag lovers, we are always looking to build our collections and find bags that we simply love to no end. However, acquiring the perfect bags is no easy task , which often results in endless wish lists and bag fantasies. A Holy Grail Bag is a bag that you desire intensely and that is your “end all be all” bag, but is hard to attain. Over the past few years especially, the Hermes Birkin bag has come to be associated with the ultimate Holy Grail bag.  Undoubtedly, the Birkin is one the most well constructed and aesthetically pleasing bags in history. However, from an objective standpoint, the Birkin craze is indeed hard to grasp overall.
To many outside the handbag world, the word “Birkin” has more weight than “Hermes” because the bag itself is a huge icon. However, the Birkin was only able to become THE Birkin because it was an incredible Hermes’ masterpiece. Birkins are handmade and put through rigorous craftsmanship and quality control processes. Perfection is the main idea behind a Birkin, and it’s hard not to lust after something that is considered the best and incomparable to its peer.
The very look of the Birkin defines the picture perfect dream bag for most. It is classic, but timelessly flattering and chic. The B’s clean silhouette, in combination with rich, vivid materials and colors, creates an effect of awe every time. The Birkin is easily a HGB because it makes an effective statement and fits our ideal expectations of a handbag.

The Birkin has become the bag to strive for due to the influence of mass media. Many celebrities show their appreciation for the Birkin everyday, which creates an even bigger bandwagon effect. TV shows and songs portray the B as impossible to get. It is glamorized as the marker of everything good about living the luxury life.

Deciding on the perfect Birkin and the finding it can be a lengthy process, and sometimes a challenge you must persevere through. Unfortunately, the Birkin game has high financial stakes, but low odds. Achieving victory with a Birkin doesn’t come without effort, and the bag itself is a marker for that.
 Hermes maintains the image that the Birkin is a distantly beautiful, unattainable marvel.In addition, exact prices of bags are not directly available from the Hermes website or by phone. Without additional resources or in-person experience, getting a fuller idea of the significance of Birkin can be difficult. Being offered a Birkin and purchasing one makes you feel like you’ve discovered Hermes secret magic.
Hermes Birkin bags hold their value spectacularly. On the second hand market, they tend to sell for even more due to preferred color and leather combinations being rare. The Birkin is on a lot of people’s HBG list because it seems like a smart, “can’t go wrong purchase”. Aside from monetary value, buying a quality bag that amps up your confidence and aesthetic is a long term investment. Having one amazing item that transforms your look and gives off the right impression better equips you to grow professionally, socially, and personally.
All the aforementioned facts from the quality, to the popularity, to the stunning design, and even to the involved nature of choosing a B, help elevate the Birkin to a level beyond a simple “leather accessory”. Carrying a Birkin becomes an experience, and for some, the Birkin is an important aspect of their fashion lifestyle. The Birkin characterizes the essence of a Holy Grail Bag because it’s proven time and time again to live up to its impeccable reputation. Being able to experience the paragon of luxury through an exquisite handbag becomes a vision, goal, and dream for many fashionistas.

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Neiman Marcus is Selling Pre-Owned Hermès Bags Online for a Limited Time

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