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These Dolce and Gabbana Camera Case Bags are the perfect girly and cute accessory to bring with you especially now that summer is fast approaching. You might mistake it as that fanciful little girl’s toy camera but look again as it is a signature camera case bag from D&G.

It has a structured box-like design, with its luxe golden hardware and D&G’s signature padlock charm that made it all the more attractive to us. And oh, the exotic snakeskin is also an added charm! You can select in two colors: bold red or electric blue.

These camera case bags are the perfect pair for your summery white dress and your sandals. And oh, they’re also great to match over your flirty floral skirts and denim shorts during this scorching hot summer season! Measuring 5’ x 7.5’ x 2’ (H x W x D). It retails for €1950 euro.

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Chanel Coco Boy Camera Bag


The CHANEL Camera Bag has evolved through time – if we look back to the Pre-Fall Winter 2013 Collection, it started as a normal quilted boxy handbag with oversized CC logo on the front. This bag was embellished with a Chanel medallion on the chain links.

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The latest version from the Cruise 2015 Collection is called the ‘Chanel Coco Boy Camera Bag’, it’s twisted with two codes together – the iconic’s and the Boy Bags. It got that strong and rocky style, delivering an irresistible impact on everyone you pass by.

The Coco Boy Camera Bag is embellished partly quilted and the partly chevron with diagonal lines. It has a bold look and features an interwoven chain link to carry cross body or just on your shoulder. Though it’s called a Camera Bag, you can wear it anytime you want – as an everyday accessory, weekend bag or better, take the gold for the evenings.

It’s luxurious, gorgeous and a ‘must have’, it comes with a large Boy CC charm. It also comes with two compartments and available in two sizes:

Chanel Coco Boy Camera Bag
Style code: A92655
Size: 4.7′ x 7.5′ x 3′ inches
Price: $3,300 USD, €2200 euro’s, £1850 GBP, $4,440 SGD

Chanel Coco Boy Large Camera Bag
Style code: A92656
Size: 5.5′ x 9.8′ x 3.3′ inches
Price: $3,500 USD, €2350 euro’s, £1975 GBP, $4,740 SGD



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Chanel Small Camera Bag From Cruise 2015 Collection


Hey, do you remember?


The Chanel Camera Bag from the Pre-Fall Winter 2013 Collection (Click on this link to see…)


Oh my god…

The Chanel Camera Bag was introduced in the Pre-Fall Winter 2013 Collection and as far as I know, it was the first release.

Though it’s called the camera bag, it could be used as a shoulder bag as well. There are no fixed rules in fashion and it wasn’t like that you ‘need’ to store your camera inside. However, what you do need to know is that the interior is made to transport your camera as safely as possible.

Now let turn our faces to the Cruise 2014 Collection, you see, the Chanel Small Camera Bag has returned and it’s now painted in luxurious gold.

We belief that Chanel will also drop in medium size (they almost always do), so don’t worry if small is not on your wish list.

We know, you love this bag as much as we do and by now you should be screaming: ‘What are the prices, tell me please…’

Unfortunately, we cannot reveal the exact price because Chanel hasn’t shared much information yet. But we can give you an indication, the Chanel Small Camera Bag was retailing for $2,800 USD and the Chanel Medium/Large Camera Case was priced at $4,000 USD as per December 2013. You know that Chanel has increased prices recently, so add 20 percent on the top and you get a nice ballpark.

Oh wait, you need to know the sizes too right? Okay let’s get on with it:

Chanel Small Camera Bag is sized: 5.5’ x 8.5’ x 2.4’.
Chanel Medium/Large Camera Bag is sized: 7.1’ x 11.4’ x 3.5’.

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Stella McCartney x Canon Limited Edition Linda Camera Bag

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Oh gosh, I always get excited when I see fashion meets technology. And especially when two great brands collaborate together, I know something really awesome will be spurting out.

Stella McCartney has been dating with Canon and together they worked day-and-night in the laboratory to release the Limited Edition ‘Linda Camera Bag’. It’s a flashy and sexy thing, fully painted in baby yellow and baby blue. It’s a super cute thing that you will want to have in your accessory.

Oh and given that it is limited, to be exact only 1,000 pieces will be produced, you will be the only few that has the opportunity to adore it.

And oh oh, did you know that the camera bag will be sold together with the Canon EOS 100D white DSLR camera. Capture two must-haves in one. It’s also the smallest DSLR in the world.

Linda is the name of Stella McCartney’s mother, inspired by her memories of capturing moment in photographs when she was travelling the world with her parents.

Basically the Linda Camera Bag can be used as an everyday bag, even tough the design is rather sophisticated. It’s embellished with the Stella McCartney logo signature tag, it also comes with an adjustable strap so you wear it over your shoulder or on your shoulder. You can also carry it by hand, using the handles.

Crafted from Nappa Leather, combined with matte neutral tones and metallic, it will be available in Harrods and Selfridges for $1,940 USD or £1,200 GBP.



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