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Fresh from the Cruise 2016 Collection, the Dior Bubble Bag is out to get you more style points than possible, and we’re about to prove it! Inspired by the “free and alluring atmosphere of the French Riviera”, the Bubble Bag is seamless and has killer curves to die for! And since there is an emphasis on big chains this season, Dior didn’t scrimp on the light-gold metal this time. Such a rocker!

The Bubble Bag comes in two sizes to choose from (the Medium with dimensions of 25.5cm x 22.5cm x 19cm, while the Small that’s sized 21cm x 25cm x 26cm) , so depending on your need for space, you may want to consider one that’s adequately sized. It’s a bucket bag that’s teeming with good taste, feminine charm and street-style spunk – filled with graphic symbols and words embossed in sleek calfskin. This is the bag of a free-spirit.

Dior Paradise Bubble Bag
Size: 25.5 x 22.5 x 19 cm
Leather: Calfskin

Dior Small Paradise Bubble Bag
Size: 21 x 25 x 16 cm
Leather: Calfskin

Dior Small Patinated Alligator Bubble Bag
Size: 21 x 25 x 16 cm
Leather: Alligator

You can get these babies exclusively via Dior boutique.











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Saint Laurent Small Monogram Bubble Bag

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No excuse can put a ‘pass’ on this bag, its Saint Laurent craftsmanship at its best. A style that’s the best from both world, classic and luxurious. Easy to sling around your shoulder at night and instantly flaunting with the YSL signature charm. Priceless.

You’ve seen tiny bags in square shapes and triangle shapes so far, but round shapes are rare, especially when it’s introduced by no other than Yves Saint Laurent.

And because there’s always a day that you will scream for a small shoulder bag, you know, in the weekends and the evenings. Therefore the Saint Laurent Monogram Bubble Bag is your trustworthy companion, strong and durable, it will even stick with you when you’re drunk. Store your small portion of essentials inside and keep the cool.

The front has arrows pointing down, but what amazed me the most is the YSL charm crafted on the side, linked to a small gourmette golden chain. Even the zipper is in gold, but because of the black Matelassé leather, the charm just pops out.

Measuring 12.5 x 12.5 x 6 cm, with a strap of 62 cm, you can pre-order at Saint Laurent e-store.


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