Teddyfish 8/TF 9/TF Backpack

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teddyfish_8-tf-9-tf-backpackFirst, a quick introduction. Founded in 2010, Hong Kong-based Teddyfish specialises in bags for the urban explorer, and after the success of their duffles and totes, they are back with a new style for S/S15. Simply known as the 8/TF and 9/TF backpacks, they are also Teddyfish’s virgin effort as far as this style is concerned.

And what an effort it is, with the unisex backpacks available in 2 sizes (the 8/TF is 40 cm by 28 cm, the 9/TF is 48 cm by 28 cm) and 2 materials, cotton canvas and twill polyester. Trimmed with bridle leather from the States, they are also handsome, with their clean lines and detailed finishing taking many man hours to create.

Functionally, they are a tad unusual. My 8/TF backpack, for example, has a zip that only goes around half the bag, but the opening is large enough for you to include your laptop comfortably. On the opposite side you’ll find an exterior zip pocket that allows you to put in (and take out) your bits and bobs with ease. There’s also a padded pocket for your tech goods, but that’s it really. Those expecting more pockets and slots will be disappointed, though it won’t really be an issue if you are organised to begin with.

Available in a wide array of colours, the traditionalist in me appreciates hues like Black, Forest Green and Navy Blue, while those who prefer bright colours can opt for Ocean and Tangerine. Now for the important part. Priced at USD302 and USD305 for the 8/TF and 9/TF in twill, and USD310 and USD320 for the 8/TF and 9/TF in cotton canvas, international shipping is free (Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are included) if your order exceeds USD300. In other words, if you’re already shortlisting Christmas presents for a loved one, this is definitely one to consider.

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Hey, what are your thoughts about the Dior Cannage Stitched Backpack?

Oh, let us help you translate those thoughts into words: ‘Oh My…’. And no worries, we were thinking exactly the same when we first spotted this bag.

Presenting the first-ever-can’t–resist Dior backpack beautified with the iconic Cannage stitching. Now we do not know its product name yet, because this bag hasn’t been published on the Internet. But we wanted to inform you first before anyone else.

We also do not know the prices or the sizes yet; other information will follow later on.

This bag could be named the Lady Dior Backpack and we hope so, because the leather (probably lambskin) shines as beautiful as the iconic Lady Dior Bag. The stunning Cannage Stitching is so obsessive and can you see the amazing ‘DIOR’ logo on the front flap?

On the front lower-end you will find a front-pocket, its designed with buckles for closing. The interior is lined in pink and it has enormous space to store all your essentials.

So what are your thoughts?

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We’ve always admired and respected Louboutin and their zest for great design over the years – now, with their Sweet Charity Backpack, they’ve earned much of our love even more. Nothing says femme fatale like this work of art. Seriously, if you ever get your hands on one of these babies, we’re betting you’ll stand out in a crowd. That’s for sure.

Crafted with the finest snakeskin and smooth, textured leather, the Sweet Charity Backpack is a bomb that’s waiting to explode…in a good way. Styled with crystal and beaded fringe-embellished chain shoulder straps, this bag is out of this world. Leather and gold tone mesh metal constitutes the bag’s centerpiece, a cute bow, with a smooth leather slip pocket at the back. It closes up to a magnetic snap, which keeps your stuff in check.

Measuring 5.5″ x 7.0″ x 2.0″ inches (H x W x D), you can get this baby for $2295 USD or €1595 EUR

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Alexander Wang Dumbo Backpack

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I do not know how long you’ve been following us, but here is a fact. In the past, whenever we saw a Chanel backpack, even though we think it’s cool, we say ‘no’. The only backpack we had featured was theAlexander Wang’s Marti Backpack.

That’s was around a year ago, and now everything has changed. Cahnel Backpack is back, returned from the graveyard, they are now cool. More and more fashion girls are carrying them. It’s so popular that Alexander Wang decided to design another one.

The Alexander Wang Dumbo Backpack, take it in black for the most classic look. Now please hit me: ‘Tell why this bag is so special’.

Alright, where do I start?

Okay, do you remember the Alexander Wang Rocco Bag?

Yeah that bag.

The Alexander Wang Rocco Bag is one of the most classic bags from Alexander Wang. It got beautiful studs on the bottom which makes us drool. Still, some people love it and others hate it. The studs are quite heavy, which can drag your bag to bottom, due to graffiti. Still, if you can forget about that, it’s one of the most stunning designs ever and you will love to own one in your wardrobe.

This dumbo backpack, I would personally call it Rocco Backpack, but anyways. It has the same rose gold studs embellished like the Rocco bag on the bottom. The size is so cute that we will be guilty if we don’t share it with you.

A casual look, perfect to carry books and small laptops because it’s made from black textured leather (lambskin). The design is quite easy, but timeless. There is even an internal compartment to store all your everyday essentials.

This bag comes in different colors and variation, of course black is my favo. The size is measured 30 x 33 x 14 cm (W x H x D.





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Balenciaga Le Dix Backpack

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Let’s face it, backpacks are not popular, it has been ignored by the fashion world for a long time. Who wants to carry a backpack if you can get a tote for the same price.

But it all depends on your behavior, most people do not like to sling a bag on their back, if they do, it will eventually end up on their hands.

Backpacks can be very useful, it can store more essentials or carry heavy items. Anyway, if you need one, then do it – with style.

I’ve to say that, the Balenciaga Le Dix Backpack is one of the most feminine bag-on-your-back accessories ever made. It’s simple, easy and yet so-Balenciaga. It has that tag around the handle, just like you will expect from the original tote. The elegant golden hardware with the signature ‘Balenciaga’ crafted on it. Spacious and it holds shape like no other.

Made from calfskin, refined with golden hardware, measuring 13’ x 10,25’ x 3,5’ (H x W x D), for $1835 atNeiman Marcus.


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Givenchy Backpack Designs Reference Guide

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Riccardo Tisci introduced his iconic prints starting from the Fall 2011 Men’s collectionthat included the well known ‘Rottweiler’ print. Since then he’s offered up numerous designs that appeared from the Givenchy Antigona Shopping Totes and Clutches to Tees and Sweaters.  The prints have most prominently appeared on Givenchy’s series of nylon backpacks marketed to Men and in some instances first and foremost before it becomes available to Women’s handbags. His designs are unique and ingenious and are perfect accompaniment to this seasons emphasis on street and sports attire.

The current collection of backpacks are available in the Skull Tattoo, the Rottweiler and the Basketball Prints.

Style Price Size
Givenchy Nylon Print Backpack $1,195.00 (USD) 7.5″W x 16.5″H x 4.7″D


2014 Backpack Prints


2013 – 2012 Backpack Prints

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