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It looks like Alexander McQueen’s Skull Shopper will give other tote brands a run for their money. Minimalistic in design yet imbibed with a fresh and edgy attitude, this tote bag is as stylish as it can get.

Perfect as an everyday go-to bag, the Alexander McQueen Skull Shopper is made of grained calfskin leather thus making it durable. If you take a good look at it, you will agree with us in saying that the braided leather lanyard with signature carved skull charm and logo disc at handle base would be its number one feature.

The grained calfskin leather on the other hand is impeccably paired with silver-tone hardware for that added sense of casual elegance. This bag also features a logo stamp in silver-tone at face for immediate brand recognition. It has a top magnetic closure for easy access. It also features an interior zipped pouch to keep your things safe and sound.

It measures 20” x 12” x 6” (L x H x W) inches and is priced $895 USD via e-store.













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MCQ Alexander McQueen Iris Tote

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mcq_alexander_mcqueen_iris-toteThere used to be a time when this particular type of landscape tote was available at a few brands, like Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull or the Saint Louis from Goyard. These days, however, you’d be hard pressed to find a luxury house that doesn’t have something like this in their repertoire. From Givenchy’s Antigona Tote to the Phantom Cabas from Céline, they are supremely functional, usually lightweight and almost always roomy.

Which brings us to a newish offering from MCQ Alexander McQueen, the more affordable sister line to main line Alexander McQueen. And just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it’s any less desirable, especially with the MCQ Alexander McQueen Iris Tote.

Measuring 40.5 cm across by 33 cm, the canvas body is adorned with a lovely print of watercolour petals in shades of purple and lilac that’s just too pretty to resist. Trimmed with leather handles, it’s lined on the inside and comes with 2 pockets (one zip and one patch pocket) which is always useful.

Priced at USD460, you’ll find it online via Shopbop. But if you’re looking for something monochromatic, then head over to Net-A-Porter where they’ve got the same tote in black and white. Priced at GBP265, it’s also the one I’m kinda eyeing for myself.

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Floral Bag Trend: Alexander McQueen Flower Embroidered Knuckle Box Clutch

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Alexander Wang Fall Winter Bag Ad Campaign

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Utilitarian and sophisticated, that’s the message that Alexander Wang wants to send for the Fall Winter 2015 Bag Collection. Take a look at the boxy white bag with long handles; it’s not only feminine, but also ‘cool’. Crafted with a side pocket to store your instant-essentials like keys or wallet.

Alexander Wang Said: ‘We started thinking about what forms the archetypes and architecture of a woman’s wardrobe, and then the idea of individual style, the street style has become where people follow trend, where they see an individual way of mixing things together becomes so documented and so copied’.

He ended with: ‘It’s really about individual style’.


The collection includes a gorgeous backpack; I love the white version, which includes a simple front pocket. Or the hobo to carry around your shoulder in black. So what do you think?









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Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2016 Collection


When Alexander Wang resigned as Balenciaga’s creative director earlier this fall, many of us were wondering whether the 31-year-old designer would take his energy to expand his own eponymous label or not. Well, Wang left us with no worries as he revealed the flabbergasting Alexander Wang pre-fall 2016 collection. Inspired by “subverted bourgeois”, the concept behind Wang’s pre-fall collection is pretty simple: “there’s no big concept”, Wang said. “This is how I see people dress around me,” he added backstage, paraphrasing something he had already said the past season.

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

Striving to explore the interconnection between what’s regarded as feminine and what’s regarded as masculine, the line-up seems to follow New York’s skyline as well as past history and trends. As soon as we approach the first pieces, clear glam rock/ punk influences from the Eighties become evident, intertwining from time to time with more contemporary urban looks, the minimalistic perspective of which has been mixed with tailored cuts and luxe appliqués. This leads us to the main concept of the Alexander Wang pre-fall collection: tension. He almost philosophically analyzes all the tense interconnections between masculine and feminine, haute couture and streetstyle, high and low fashions.

The collection deliberately mixes high and low-key pieces, making it a perfect source of inspiration for those who are looking for a grown up version of what they used to wear at the height of the punk rock years, giving them the chance to break the boundaries between complexity and simplicity, expressing themselves freely. Wang has been able to unearth everyone’s inner desire regarding fashion, designing a collection that aims not only at being worn on a daily basis, but also at revamping the clothing into something his entourage, as well as friends would support. Somehow, he managed to lessen the distances, if not nullify them, between those tensions that have always classified the human nature into different and distinctive categories.

“I hate to say the cliché, but it’s mixing high and low. I want it to be the way I dress and the way I see my friends dress,” he declared.

That’s why within the line-up, an overly-expensive fur coat and a pair of basic jeans happily coexist, as well as mannish biker leather jackets and classically feminine dresses, the deconstructed lines of which helped reach the sophisticated streetstyle level Wang desperately wanted to achieve. Ultra-sensual pencil skirts, as well as long-sleeved lace shirts are some of the collection’s key pieces, while metallic studs, metal badge pins and chain belts are always there to remind us of Wang’s rebellious nature.

A long black dress charms us with its super-plunging neckline, creating an intriguing contrast with the black cargo pants combined with a sophisticated (and of course, black) version of a varsity jacket. Although the color palette mainly ranges from dark grey to black, Wang added a few touches of color, wherein a pale bright pink stands out. To top it all off, he completed his outfits with some sultry striped stockings and studded platform sandals one can’t help falling in love with. Wang goes beyond classes and categories, and it’s overwhelming, terrific and futuristic. And we love it!

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Alexander McQueen rosy-fingered clutch 1
Roses are red and so is the lacey knuckle box clutch that we are currently coveting – a part of British designer Alexander McQueen’s collected works. The creamy beige accessory is covered with a contrasting chrome-red finish in the form of disheveled embroidered lace and the painted brasshardware. The clutch has a four-finger knuckle holder embellished with three eye-catching, hard-to-miss red roses that bring character to this handiwork. The embroidered lace also follows a flowery pattern, adding to the overall detailed theme. On the inside, one would find a matching red fabric lining, besides the essential McQueen embossed logo.

Alexander McQueen rosy-fingered clutch 2
This elegant piece is a little unlike the designer’s usual gothic, dark elements, which might suit some tastes a lot more than others. The retail price of this handy arm-candy is $3,770; and our recommendation would be to pair this with a mono-colored evening dress for a neat, decorous look.
Alexander McQueen rosy-fingered clutch 4

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