Chloe Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Collection

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Introducing the Chloe Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Collection. Chloe presents two new bags this season, the Keri Tote and Kurtis Saddle Bag. The Keri is a simple yet classic tote bag with flat handles, while the Kurtis is a flap bag with oversized studs on the bag’s trim. Classic bags such as Faye, Drew, Hudson and Marcie are also part of the collection. Chloe introduces a new pattern this season called Rosace, an ornamental design that resembles to a rose, other patterns are studded rings and striped patchwork. The colors for this season includes Caramel, Dark Purple, Beige and Black.

Keri Tote

Chloe Black Keri Medium Tote BagChloe Caramel Keri Medium Tote Bag

Chloe Dark Red Keri Medium Tote BagChloe Caramel Striped Suede Keri Medium Tote Bag

Chloe Brown Shearling Keri Medium Tote Bag



Chloe Keri Medium Tote Bag
Chloe Striped Suede Keri Medium Tote Bag
Chloe Shearling Keri Medium Tote Bag

Kurtis Bag



Chloe Suede/Leather Kurtis Shoulder Bag

Faye Bag

Chloe Dark Purple Studded Circle Faye Medium BagChloe Black Leather:Suede Faye Medium Bag

Chloe Motty Grey Leather:Suede Faye Medium BagChloe Black Studded Circles Faye Small Bag

Chloe Beige Python:Leather Faye Clutch BagChloe Dark Purple Suede Faye Mini Clutch Bag

Chloe Black Suede Faye Mini Clutch Bag



Chloe Studded Circle Faye Medium Bag
Chloe Leather Patchwork Faye Bag
Chloe Leather/Suede Faye Medium Bag
Chloe Studded Circles Faye Small Bag
Chloe Python/Leather Faye Clutch Bag
Chloe Suede Faye Mini Clutch Bag

Drew Bag

Chloe Multicolor Rosace Star Studded Drew Small BagChloe Silver Blue Drew Small Bag

Chloe Gold Metallic Drew Mini BagChloe Dark Purple Suede:Leather Drew Mini Bag

Chloe Red Drew Mini Bag



Chloe Rosace Star Studded Drew Small Bag
Chloe Suede/Leather Drew Small Bag
Chloe Metallic Drew Mini Bag
Chloe Suede/Leather Drew Mini Bag
Chloe Grained Calfskin Drew Mini Bag

Hudson Bag

Chloe Black Studded Hudson Medium BagChloe Black Rosace Patchwork Hudson Small Bag

Chloe Light Gray Suede Hudson Small BagChloe Siena Red Hudson Mini Bag

Chloe Caramel Suede Hudson Mini Bag



Chloe Studded Hudson Medium Bag
Chloe Rosace Patchwork Hudson Small Bag
Chloe Suede Hudson Small Bag
Chloe Leather Hudson Mini Bag
Chloe Suede Hudson Mini Bag

Chloe Caramel Studded Marcie Medium BagChloe Black Marcie Medium Bag

Chloe Cream Marcie Medium BagChloe Gray Marcie Medium Bag

Chloe Tan Marcie Medium BagChloe Pink Marcie Small Crossbody Bag



Chloe Studded Marcie Medium Bag
Chloe Marcie Medium Bag
Chloe Marcie Small Crossbody Bag

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Ocean Love Ladies Bally 2016 spring and summer new interpretation of Blue Temptation

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The series of bags simple design, is designed for women to create the necessary Bally leisure section tape. Practicality is the key to this series of bags, detachable shoulder strap decorated with classic Bally stripes, simple and elegant, is the ideal choice for everyday use. Bright and colorful, personality styles, there are practical FIONA crescent bag, tote bag and classic BALLYSSIME personalized fashion KISSEN bowling bag and other fashion for ladies can choose from.






SOMMET Bags with a new design constructed to accommodate very spacious. Grain leather material durable, scratch-resistant lining with cotton, using more compact and convenient. With optional concealed flip buckle, reflecting the different style of elegance. Which bags in four sizes, a variety of seasonal fashion colors to choose from, all with the same series of mix and match products. The perfect combination of elegance and practicality, is the ideal choice for urban life or short trip.


CORNER Ms. shoes

Ms. classic footwear with Bally signature characteristic, square plate decorated toe, leather sole with the same color to add a sense of luxury. Wild colors elegant, personalized style of fashion, this season to add a more intimate and charming HEDWIGE practical low-heeled sandals style, intended to show the perfect body proportions of female fashion. Exquisite heel design easier and more comfortable to wear yet stylish, urban women with a daily single product of choice.


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There are things in life that you need to fight for it, you know, like love. And if you’re a big fan of Chanel (or completely obsessed with it), it’s also love, but in a different way. Chanel love.

And some people might find this ridiculous and perhaps it is. But when you want to buy the Chanel Espadrilles (and that’s all you want for 2016 and nothing more), you have the cash and the buying-decision-already made, and then gets told that they’re sold-out again, again and again, it’s kinda frustrating.

But here’s the good news – for as far as the Chanel Espadrilles became hot, they’ve been reintroduced season after season. So what does this mean? That you will have a chance to get a pair yourself.

But you need to get prepared; you need to be first to walk into the store when the new collection is released. And it’s only better because you will PLENTY of choices (especially colors) to choose.

Now for this season, here are the details for the Espadrilles:

Chanel Espadrilles
Style code: G29762
Price: €540 euro








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Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2016 Collection


When Alexander Wang resigned as Balenciaga’s creative director earlier this fall, many of us were wondering whether the 31-year-old designer would take his energy to expand his own eponymous label or not. Well, Wang left us with no worries as he revealed the flabbergasting Alexander Wang pre-fall 2016 collection. Inspired by “subverted bourgeois”, the concept behind Wang’s pre-fall collection is pretty simple: “there’s no big concept”, Wang said. “This is how I see people dress around me,” he added backstage, paraphrasing something he had already said the past season.

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

Striving to explore the interconnection between what’s regarded as feminine and what’s regarded as masculine, the line-up seems to follow New York’s skyline as well as past history and trends. As soon as we approach the first pieces, clear glam rock/ punk influences from the Eighties become evident, intertwining from time to time with more contemporary urban looks, the minimalistic perspective of which has been mixed with tailored cuts and luxe appliqués. This leads us to the main concept of the Alexander Wang pre-fall collection: tension. He almost philosophically analyzes all the tense interconnections between masculine and feminine, haute couture and streetstyle, high and low fashions.

The collection deliberately mixes high and low-key pieces, making it a perfect source of inspiration for those who are looking for a grown up version of what they used to wear at the height of the punk rock years, giving them the chance to break the boundaries between complexity and simplicity, expressing themselves freely. Wang has been able to unearth everyone’s inner desire regarding fashion, designing a collection that aims not only at being worn on a daily basis, but also at revamping the clothing into something his entourage, as well as friends would support. Somehow, he managed to lessen the distances, if not nullify them, between those tensions that have always classified the human nature into different and distinctive categories.

“I hate to say the cliché, but it’s mixing high and low. I want it to be the way I dress and the way I see my friends dress,” he declared.

That’s why within the line-up, an overly-expensive fur coat and a pair of basic jeans happily coexist, as well as mannish biker leather jackets and classically feminine dresses, the deconstructed lines of which helped reach the sophisticated streetstyle level Wang desperately wanted to achieve. Ultra-sensual pencil skirts, as well as long-sleeved lace shirts are some of the collection’s key pieces, while metallic studs, metal badge pins and chain belts are always there to remind us of Wang’s rebellious nature.

A long black dress charms us with its super-plunging neckline, creating an intriguing contrast with the black cargo pants combined with a sophisticated (and of course, black) version of a varsity jacket. Although the color palette mainly ranges from dark grey to black, Wang added a few touches of color, wherein a pale bright pink stands out. To top it all off, he completed his outfits with some sultry striped stockings and studded platform sandals one can’t help falling in love with. Wang goes beyond classes and categories, and it’s overwhelming, terrific and futuristic. And we love it!

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Check Out Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2016 Handbags, In Stores Now

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