Cartier Icons: Juste un Clou Torque

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Think of Juste un Clou and their solid gold nail bracelets in a variety of golds (Pink, White and Yellow) is probably the first thing that comes to mind. It is also probably the most Instagrammed piece of jewellery from this collection (because #wristparty FTW), but do you know that the collection is much more than just bracelets? In fact, the collection also includes earrings, necklaces and rings, and not only that, but some pieces come adorned with diamonds, diamonds and even more diamonds.

This April, the icon that is Juste un Clou just(e) got upsized. And by upsized, boy did it get really big. While previous interpretations of Juste un Clou’s necklaces were pretty much just a small nail dangling off a long chain, this time around, the nail has literally become the whole necklace. Which is an engineering marvel of sorts if you think about it, since it has to be ‘opened’ for one to wear it, and yet still sit ever so beautifully on the collarbone when it’s ‘closed’.


Simply known as the Juste un Clou Torque necklace, it comes in a variety of metals and sizes. And by sizes, it refers to the thickness of the necklace, the larger the size, the thicker the necklace. For example, there is the Small in Yellow Gold for those who prefer something more understated. Then there are 3 more in Large (i.e. thick) models that come in Pink, White and Yellow golds, with the Pink and Yellow ones adorned only with diamonds at its tips while the third in White gold comes fully paved with the most brilliant of stones.

Available from Cartier boutiques from April 2017, it is safe to say that Aldo Cipullo’s legacy is still well and truly alive with the French luxury jeweller, and with Cartier releasing these new renditions of their most iconic piece of jewellery that continually pushes the boundaries, you could say they’ve really nailed it with this one.

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Hublot unveils its most complicated and interesting watch yet

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At Baselworld 2017, Hublot has introduced the new MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis, the watchmaker’s first multi-axis tourbillon. The new in-house design is Hublot’s latest chapter in their collection of Manufacture Piece (MP) watches. We know that the Swiss luxury watchmaker is no stranger to crafting compelling timepieces that are not traditional, but Hublot has outdone itself with the new MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis. The watch has 3-sided sapphire crystal case that tapers at 6 o’clock specifically to display the double rotation of the bi-axial tourbillon. In addition to the special design of the case, the new movement was created with maximum visibility of this mechanism in mind.

The engine for this timepiece is the 43-jewel HUB9009.H1.RA caliber and it is an automatic movement that operates at 3Hz and has a five-day power reserve. At the heart of this movement is the bi-axial tourbillon, which makes a full rotation on one axis in one minute and a full rotation on a second axis every 30 seconds. The case measures 49mm in diameter and 17.95mm thick. There are three version of this watch, all limited editions. Limited to 50 pieces in titanium and 20 pieces in King Gold, the watch is priced at $169,000 in titanium, $211,000 in King Gold, and $190,000 for the titanium pavé version.


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Cartier: It’s Time For A New LOVE

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It’s a situation most of us are familiar with. There’s something that we love and don’t really mind putting good money down for, but something about it holds us back. And in the case of Cartier’s LOVE bracelet, the more practical amongst you have lamented that because of the way it was designed, taking it off (and subsequently putting it back on) can be quite a hassle, especially when one is alone, and trying to do it all with the specially designed screwdriver is a pain. There, I said it.

With this premise in mind, I’ve got good news. Fans of the Cartier’sLOVE bracelet can now look forward to the newly redesigned LOVE 2.0(that’s what I’m calling it anyway). Instead of needing to unscrew both sides of the bracelet to open it, you now only need to do it to one side, with the other side supported by a new hinge-clasp that’s incorporated into the design.


Also, LOVE 2.0 is more sleek, with bracelets and rings made thinner than the current ones. What does that mean? Well, besides being able to stack more on the same wrist (because who doesn’t love a Cartier #wristparty, right?), it’s also priced much lower. So instead of paying SGD8650 for your regular entry-level models, you’ll only be paying SGD5600 for the new LOVE 2.0 bracelet, with only a slight difference to the way they both look when put side by side. In other words, two-thirds of the price but still looking like a million bucks, which is win-win if you ask me.

To be made available in Singapore at Cartier Ngee Ann City from early December 2016 (and the rest of the Cartier boutiques in Singapore from January 2017), you’ll really have no reason not to anymore. Really.

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Chanel CC Leather Woven Chain Earrings
Style code: A96197
Price: $550 USD, €490 euro, £415 GBP, $780 SGD, $4100 HKD, $760 AUD, ¥65880 JPY


So what do we do when we can’t find the bag we are hunting for? We check Chanel earrings and there are so many choices.

Oh gosh, Chanel Cearrings. Let’s dive into the details, shall we? So here are our two favorite picks.

These Chanel CC Leather Woven Chain Earrings are made from the House’s most iconic elements. Just look at it! Gorgeous earrings, with CC signature in the center and surrounded with Leather Woven Chain, just like your Classic Flap Bag.

So here’s the conclusion, without the Classic Wallet and these Classic Earrings, your Classic Flap Bag will never be complete.


Chanel Shiny Bug Earrings
Style code: A97176
Price: $1050 USD, €1000 euro, £850 GBP, $1600 SGD, $8400 HKD, $1550 AUD


It’s a pair of unique earrings, but you either love it or not. Here is a pair of Chanel Bug Earrings crafted from metal, strass and resin. While it’s beautiful and shiny, these earrings are made with the utmost attention to the details. Take a closer look at the wings and the body of the bug; it’s embellished with little shiny gems.

So which one are you going to hunt this time huh?


Chanel CC Bug Earrings
Style code: A97175
Price: $1100 USD, €1060 euro, £900 GBP, $1690 SGD, $8900 HKD, $1650 AUD, ¥142560 JPY



Chanel CC Coin Earrings
Style code: A96244
Price: $650 USD, €620 euro, £520 GBP, $990 SGD, $5200 HKD, $960 AUD, ¥83160 JPY



Chanel CC Crystal Pearl Earrings
Style code: A96259
Price: $550 USD, €490 euro, £415 GBP, $780 SGD, $4100 HKD, $760 AUD, ¥65880 JPY



Chanel Golden CC Earrings
Style code: A95449
Price: $375 USD, €340 euro, £285 GBP, $540 SGD, $2900 HKD, $530 AUD, ¥45360 JPY



Chanel Pearl Chain Earrings
Style code: A96212
Price: $425 USD, €365 euro, £310 GBP, $580 SGD, $3100 HKD, $570 AUD, ¥48600 JPY



Chanel CC Pearl Earrings
Style code: A96231
Price: $625 USD, €600 euro, £510 GBP, $960 SGD $5000 HKD, $930 AUD, ¥79920 JPY


Chanel Glass Pearl Earrings
Style code: A95567
Price: $700 USD, €670 euro, £560 GBP, $1070 SGD, $5600 HKD, $1040 AUD, ¥89640 JPY

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Chopard reveals the spirit of its Iconic Happy Diamonds Collection

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Chopard together with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons hosted an exclusive and original event to share the Happy Spirit of its Happy Diamonds Collection with their guests.

A unique and entertaining concept

Ever since its creation, Chopard Happy Diamonds Collection has distinguished itself by the joyful swirl of precious dancing diamonds.Delicate and timeless, yet daring and modern, the Happy Diamonds Collection portrays independent personalities: seizing the moment and living their lives to the fullest, today’s young women are blessed with a contagious cheerfulness that makes them radiant. Firmly committed to innovation and unceasingly renewed creativity, the Geneva-based manufacture had recently launched its new Happy Diamonds jewelry and watches creations during the last Basel Fair 2015.

A new vision of Happy Diamonds Jewelry

The latest Happy Diamonds jewelry collection was inspired by nature and represents pop art inspired flowers with a modern twist. The floral Happy Diamonds Collection comprises a pendant, ring and earrings in 18ct White or Rose gold.

Also, Chopard’s most iconic collection has similarly nurtured in the past a passion for hearts. Its Happy Hearts Collection acquired a new look when Chopard revisited this love collection by combining its lucky charm, the heart, with precious colours. Henceforth, the traditionally openwork hearts have now become “solid” turquoise, onyx or mother-of-pearl hearts placed along slim White or Rose gold chains.

The playful spirit of the Happy Diamonds Collection is also found in the Happy Diamonds signature design watches where mobile and free of all settings, diamonds dance joyfully between two sapphire crystals.

The event at The Mine Art Gallery

Chopard along with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons welcomed their guests in a contemporary, unconventional art space located in Al Quoz industrial area. The event was sparkling and spirited, animated by one-of-a-kind activities, where guests propelled themselves in the twirling world of Chopard’s Happy Diamonds Collection. They also enjoyed the music vibe, as a lively female DJ was guiding their dance steps, embodying the very feeling of freedom that surrounds the carefree spirit of this iconic collection. Throughout the event and the energetic party, Chopard guests delighted in exquisite cocktail bites, instant photos and amusing props games.

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5 Pieces of Jewelry Every College Girl Should Own

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It's all in the details.It's all in the details.

It wasn't until recently that I discovered the true power of jewelry to transform an outfit. Need to look put together? Add your favorite necklace. Want to look edgy? Layer any piece for a tougher vibe. 

However, one can own too much jewelry - and more of us need to realize this. Personally, I find it best to put quality over quantity when it comes to jewelry. Wouldn't you rather select your favorite piece from your carefully curated selection than sort through dozens of tangled necklaces? 

To guide you through crafting a highly versatile jewelry selection, I've created this list of 5 pieces of jewelry every college girl should own. I've also included both save and splurge options of my favorite pieces. Enjoy!

1. The Layered Necklace

The layered necklace is a particularly trendy piece, but unlike most trendy pieces, it will be around for years to come! 

The layered necklace exudes cool girl vibes with minimal effort. You can even avoid the hassle of detangling necklaces by buying layered necklaces attached to one clasp-like the ones below!

Save - Forever 21:

Forever 21 Layered Disk Necklace

Splurge - BaubleBar:

BaubleBar Layered Necklace

2. The Wear-Everywhere Ring

I just love the simple femininity of a classic ring. A simple gold or silver ring is one of my go-to pieces; I just love wearing rings, especially when I've gotten my nails done! I think it is important to have a beautiful everyday piece: something simple, classic, and chic that you'll wear for years.

Save - Jules Smith:

Jules Smith gold wrap ring

Splurge - Elizabeth and James:

Elizabeth and James gold knot ring

3. The Dainty Chain

For those days when you want a more understated approach to jewelry, a dainty chain is the perfect choice. You can wear it with essentially any outfit for a subtle hint of sparkle. 

Though these dainty necklaces may be small, they are mighty, style-wise. Trust me, they'll be noticed!

Save - Madewell:

Madewell Knot Necklace

Splurge - Dogeared:

Dainty pearl pendant necklace by Dogeared

4. The Knock 'Em Dead Statement Necklace

A nice statement necklace is perfect for a multitude of occasions, and caninstantly dress up an outfit. 

Us college girls have presentations and job interviews to dress up for, so its always good to have a statement necklace in our arsenal! 

Save - BaubleBar:

BaubleBar twiggy necklace in black

Splurge - Kendra Scott:

Kendra Scott Statement Necklace

5. The Dangly Earring

Dangly earrings are just so versatile. They can be worn to class, for a night out, or to a meeting. Plus, this pair from BP. is just so darn cute. 

Save - BP.:

BP Dangly Earrings

Splurge - Kendra Scott:

Kendra Scott Pearl Earrings

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